ALT has developed an “iPortal” concept which combines a Learner, Content, Classroom and Administration Management system in one simple user friendly, interoperable, device agnostic, cloud or local based, Curriculum aligned multimedia content portal for the K12 segment empowering eLearning in Public, Private and Model C Schools. The Digital Multimedia Library has  etextbooks and related reference material from the Government catalogue for schools, teachers, learners  and parents to take benefits of global best practices, allowing for easy integration of eLearning. ALT has collaborated with publishers and content developers to bring an affordable alternative to traditional hard copy text book and inspire a change from the current Teaching pedagogy to a more interactive, collaborative and learner centric ethos.

ALT’s Partial eLearning migration solutions such as iMath, iScience and iCT Mobi Laboratory is fast improving many thousands of learners by engaging and facilitating Teachers for better student performances. Through these mobile high tech labs loaded with iPortal’s specific content any and every classroom becomes a specialized Math, Science and ICT center with affordable cost that stimulates alternate learning.

ALT’s Total eLearning migration solution that is iSchool has made the evolution to eLearning simpler, faster and cheaper. iSchool is a holistic solution that allows for 1 to 1 devices where every learner is connected via WiFi to a central cache based intranet server loaded with the iPortal. ALT provides the total turnkey from Hardware infrastructure, Software to Project Management which includes installations, configuration training and support. has multiple ranges of products including ALT branded Tablets, Interactive Infra-Red Smart Boards, Projectors, Laptops, Trolleys and accessories backed by our in house “Accident Damage Warranty (ADW) which is operated by ALT’s Repair & Support Center. Our bouquet of online and education solutions is consistently reaching out to students and teachers with innovative solutions leveraging the best of technology.