About Us

Impacting Education through Innovation

Alternate Learning Techniques Pty Ltd traded as (“ALT  Africa“) is a holistic ICT Education Solution Enabler/ Provider, Products Distribution online store, a Skills Development  Training organisation  with an Independent School .  ALT is a South African Green Business with a Level 1 BEE certification.

Our vision is To Apply Innovative Solutions to solve critical challenges relating to Affordability, Quality and Standard of Education for all. ALT Africa empowers, innovates, creates and impacts Education through the latest technology-enabled products, highly skilled passionate inspired team  and structured processes.

If education is all about intellectual and mental evolution, then ALT is about raising the pace and scale of that evolution and achieving new echelons of success. The making of ALT is a story of building equity across the education value chain; of being the change that is needed in the world of education, to ignite the fire of learning and the desire to teach, Impacting entire communities, and changing lives of millions.